About us

Erudite Welfare Society (Erudite Foundation)

We Erudite Welfare Society (Erudite Foundation) are a Non Government Organization (NGO) registered to functions through out India and abroad. Our prime goal is to provide a better and a happier life for children and young adults. We run many campaigns and work along with schools and colleges, communities across India to improve the quality of life.


Our Activities include

  • Agricultural activities
  • Community services
  • Cultural activities
  • Educational programmes (formal & Informal) 
  • Environment development 
  • Health & family welfare
  • Help to poor and aged 
  • Marketing facilities
  • Rural development programmes
  • Seminars / training camps / workshops/ debates / national regional & international meetings for various.
  • Awareness campaigns.
  • Welfare of the children
  • Welfare of the consumer
  • Welfare of the women / girls
  • Welfare of animals
  • Religion activities
  • Foreign collaboration and contribution
  • Waste land development
  • Natural calamities, drought / floods and cyclones 
  • Campaign & Fund raising
  • Consultancy
  • Information technology

If you feel passionately about helping our youth over come many social- emotional- economical issues of today then join us and help us build a better tomorrow for the entire nation. These young minds will build our tomorrow.

Some of our on going campaigns are Awareness Programme against Drug abuse, better communication of teenagers and young adults at home, creating your own support system and dealing with peer and other pressures. We began our visits to various schools and colleges in August 2013, and continue to spread the light. We have qualified counselors on board for individual support of members. Be part of People Welfare Society.

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We also have given support to educators to establish formal educational centers to support the local education to enhance and enrich education, providing employment to educators to develop “Centre of excellence” in their locality with the brand name Erudite Guru. through a website eruditeguru.in